South Wales

Date: 07.10.18
Class: JD
Judge: Claire Lewis

This was another long way to get to the show, but I don't mind, I sleep mostly, when in the car.

There were many people I knew again as am getting to know different people now go to the same shows as me! Plus, my nannies were there too. Was such fun.

I was a good boy again today, mummy said, going straight mostly. I tried to do that pacing thing but mummy stopped me straight away, right at the start. That got me going so I was soon in my proper stride. After a good going over, the lovely lady judge gave me another of those red certificates. Mummy was very proud as were my nannies!


"Well chiselled head, low ears, good lay of shoulder, with a return. Well ribbed up; would like a deeper tan; once settled moved well."