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We Took The Line Up By Storm!

Dukeries Gundog Club Open Show

February 2022

Rannoch and Tummel took BOB and RBOB at the Dukeries Open Show in February this year. 
Rannoch was on top form today and Tummel has taken a great leap forward in his ring presence.
Here's Rannoch in the BIS line up.


Watching Mum!

February 2022

That's my big bro!


Rannoch on the move in the BIS line up.

Mum trying to catch me up and then we had to stand still for our Facebook photo after all that running!!!


Stop the Press

Marine Frost has arrived!

A long drive to Anglesey...

After a great deal of research, we finally found the new addition to our team. This time, a working English Springer Spaniel, although he was born in Wales!


This is Melyn, aka Marine Frost

Melyn means yellow in Welsh. After his mother had whelped, Melyn was given the yellow collar to separate him from his litter mates. We loved the word and hence picked it as his pet name. He is also known as the Toad!!!!


Supermodel No. 2!

Pooch Perfect 2021

Talia The Welsh Terrier

Our Welsh terrier, Talia, was headhunted by the producers and researchers of the TV grooming show Pooch Perfect in 2020. The show was to be shown in February 2021. We explained that she was a rescue from a crate on a cattle farm. They did not understand the differences between a working collie and a madam Welsh terrier. Anyway, the show loved her. She was classed as the difficult dog, which we knew she would be, by the judges. However, she was groomed by Kara, the Fairy DogMother who was fabulous with her. We were very proud!


Lignum Money Talks at Bratticus

Rannoch: "He's arrived. My ickle baby brother, Tummel. He's quite good fun until he gets all teethy and nibbles me, then I go all moody!"

Tummel is a very happy puppy and loves to investigate everything with his teeth first. He absolutely idolises his big brother Rannoch. He also loves playing with his sister Talia, the Welsh Terrier. 


We have news...

The pitter patter of tiny new paws will be here soon!

We are very excited, one of these scrumptious creatures will be joining Team Bratticus in the very near future...


I am a Supermodel!

I am a Supermodel!
Easter 2019

As many will be aware, I was named Rannoch after Loch Rannoch, in The Highlands of Scotland, where my M & D often spend their Christmas holidays.

After my super successful 2nd place at Crufts 2019, Mummy added a link to my rosettes and I, on the Facebook page for the area of Rannoch and the little village of Kinloch Rannoch. She was just was so proud and wanted to let them know how I was doing!

Well, that led to Rebecca, one of the lovely ladies from Loch Rannoch Highland Club, getting in touch with us. She wanted to use ME as their poster dog! The power of Facebook is a wonderful thing.

Their lodges are dog friendly and, wanting to commission a new advertising campaign, asked if I could be their star model.

Well of course, we said yes! Click on the link below to read more about my big day out.


Did they know we were coming?

December 25th 2018

Over Christmas we went to visit Loch Rannoch, after which we named our boy. Christmas Day morning we took a trip to Britain's most remote railway station at the Moor O'Rannoch, where were found a wonderful reminder of our boy back home.

Crufts 2018

March 11th 2018

So, today was the big day. Crufts. "Just like playing at Wembley!" dad said. "What's Wembley and what do they play there? Can I have a run round on the grass?"

They said I had to wait until after my class!

Yesterday, we went back home to see my nanny Angie. Not so sure I like her any more. She bathed me, cut my hair and blew me all over with this big machine full of air. She even made me smell different. I mean? What's so special about tomorrow that 'eau de fox poo' doesn't cut it? 

Today was an early start from Aunty Bex's. Off to the NEC again, but no snow this time. We were really early in the ring and I did my bit with lot of other boys. I came mummy was so proud of me: she had a laugh, a cry and then a glass of pink. All by 9am! 

Afterwards, I took them shopping. They bought me one of those big blowers. Nanny Robson told them what to get. They are all picking on me my nannies.


Crufts 2018 here we come!

December 10th 2017

Today I did a good thing and made my mummy very happy. I qualified for Crufts 2018, in only my second show, the LKA! I got a gorgeous certificate and a fantastic rosette. It's easy this showing malarkey.

I also discovered what snow was and had an amazing play with a big Saluki and George, my English Springer big brother, afterwards. 


August 13th 2017

Oh my goodness, what a long wait 3 weeks is with an energetic bundle of fluff, who is determined to experience everything, all at the same time!

Finally, the day came when he was allowed out for the first time. Was he overawed or nervous? Not a chance, this is a big brave puppy - "it's the world that has to look out, right mum?" 

So, off we went to the Leigh 10k race where my daddy was running. I was far too busy to watch, as I had to talk to everyone around. I had a good play with a really big Leonberger, and was even interviewed by the local radio station. They all said I was very cute! 


He's here!

July 22nd 2017

Finally, after much planning and anxious waiting, we collected our boy, and what a delight he has been. 

A long car journey home, followed by a gentle introduction to his big brother, English Springer, Brenin, and he settled in as if he owned the place. What a good boy!