Open Shows 2020 Details


Date: 05.01.20
Judge: Mr Alistair Scott (Largymore)

I haven't been to a show in ages so, after all my moaning about getting ready yesterday, I really enjoyed being here today. I met lots of new woofs and had some playing, but after my classes! Mummy was very pleased as I trotted straight and sensibly, going along the matting and around the ring. She caught me out when I was tried to put my left hind toe forward as usual and placed her foot in the way!! The judge was very gentle, but had a really good go over me, checking my face, ribs, legs and tail.

Had to go in the AVNSC Gundogs group afterwards and was excellent in that, only beaten by a dog who was already 5 year old. Mummy said that was OK as I had gone so well after such a long break from the ring.


"Nice sized dog in full coat, lovely typical head with good markings, good reach of neck and fore chest with level topline; well muscled rear quarters - moved OK."