Open Shows 2018 Details

So very proud of our boy today. Lignum E

Heywood & Ratcliffe Canine Society

Date: 07.01.18
Judge: Mrs Ruth Roberts (Mirkwood)


"A baby who I believe was at only his 3rd show. Pleasing body shape, nicely proportioned head with kind eye, well bodied with good bone and decent construction throughout. Happy on the move which got him the class but he would really benefit from having some attention given to his coat."


GOYT Valley Gundog Society

Date: 14.01.18
Class: GS Puppy
Judge: Mr Peter Rand (Kintalis)

This show was really busy, with many other types of gun dogs I'd never seen before. We had to wait for over two and a half hours as the judge had been held up on the motorway, whatever that is!

Anyway, by the time I was due in the ring, I'd really lost interest in showing, so I jumped about and was rather silly for the judge, my daddy said. At the end of the class, he did not give me a certificate, but hey, I had enjoyed meeting all the different types of dogs today. I went home and watched TV for a bit too!


Stoke-on-Trent & District Gundog Club

Date: 28.01.18
Class: GS Puppy
Judge: Mr Brian Hill (Kydarin)

Well today, it was just mummy and I on our journey to Biddulph, Staffordshire. We met our friend Stella and her Gordon, Bailey, who I loved playing with; we had a great time!

In my class, the judge was a very tall man, who smiled a lot, but I still wasn't too sure. So, he let me do my running bit before he touched me. I felt much more relaxed then and so let him get on with his part of the job.

The judge said I was a super handsome pup! He gave me a red rosette and certificate and I got to stand at the front of the line up. My mummy was very happy.

When the judging had finished for all Gordon Setters, all the 'unbeaten' dogs, ie. the winners, had to go back in the ring and were judged as a group. I was given the Best Puppy in Breed rosette and I trotted round the ring with it in my mouth. Mummy says you can see where my teeth were holding it on the photograph!


"Moved extremely well carrying a good topline, a well muscled young dog with good front and rear angulation; one for the future."


Merseyside Gundog Club

Date: 04.02.18
Class: GS Junior
Mrs Tereza Watkins (Azeret)
(Gundog BP group)
Class: AVNSC Puppy
Mr T Pearson

This show was not too far away, only about 45 minutes, so not too much sleep before we got there. 

There were quite a few dogs and adults that we knew so was good to say hello to them, and as always with showing, we made some new friends too.

I had to go in the'Junior GS' class as there was not a puppy class. The judge was lovely. As usual, she had a good feel of me all over. Then I had to do my showing thing. Mummy said I was really good, as I managed to go in a straight line all the way forwards and then back to the judge. I enjoyed going all the way round the ring too! After the other dogs had gone, the judge gave me a red certificate. 

Next, I went in a class with lots of other types of puppy Gundogs. They looked very different to me and I was very excited, so I didn't manage to go in such a straight line. Anyway, the judge gave me a yellow certificate afterwards.

Following this, the other GS winners came into the ring. We all had to move in front of the judge again. It was such fun, but I was good, mummy said. The judge gave me a rosette that said Best Puppy and a certificate, which said Reserve Best of Breed for Gordon Setters. Mummy was very proud.

Following this, we had to wait for about an hour, but it was ages!! This time we had to stand in one big ring, then, when we were called, go into another big ring. These rings were much bigger than any ring I have ever been in. There were many other puppies in there too. We had to do lots of showing around the ring. I got rather over excited, but it was good fun. The judge didn't give me a certificate, but boy, I liked moving in the big ring, so much so that my mummy had to try to keep up!


"8 month old male, good, strong bone and substance throughout, correct head proportions. Ribs are well sprung and he moved very true for such a youngster. In lovely coat and condition. Best Puppy & Res BOB."


Yorkshire Gundog Club

Date: 25.02.18
Class: GS Junior
Judge: Mrs J Hill (Kydartin)

When we got to this show, my mummy found we had to wait for 2 other breeds to be judged before we were able to go in the ring. This was really boring and I couldn't be bothered to be sensible when I got in the ring. The judge asked us to go up and down twice, but mummy said I was still 'all over the place!' Anyway, I didn't get a rossette, but the judge said I moved the best I had on my way out of the ring! Mummy said that was typical, but I didn't know what she meant!!
Still I had met some friends again and had a great play with my big brothers when we got home and then had a sleep!


Bolton Canine Society

Date: 04.08.18
Class: AVNSC Junior

I was told that today I was not being my normal 'good boy.' I don't know what mummy and daddy mean. I met a new friend 'Bert' and everything...was a very exciting day!


"Only a youngster, but very naught on the day. Good front and well bent stifles; moves well."


Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Date: 14.10.18
Class: JD
Judge: Mr David Hutchinson


"Balanced dog, appealing head and expression. Good front with feet well angulated front and rear. Level top-line; coat was of correct length; moved extremely well."


Birmingham Gundog & Terrier Club

Date: 20.10.18
Class: GS Junior
Judge: Mrs Jenny Roberts


"Nice boy with masculine head and dark eyes, good stop and correct depth of muzzle. Lovely topline, depth of chest and in profile a nicely balanced compact boy with good angulations and well boned. Good steady movement and a nice flat coat in good condition. RBOB."


Yorkshire Gundog Club

Date: 28.10.18
Class: GS JD/GD
Judge: Jane Cuthbertson

Last time I came here, we had to wait ages...but today was great. The lady judge was lovely and asked me to move around the ring quite a few times, which I like doing once I got used to the slippery floor.

The lady gave me 2 red rosettes and certificates which said FIRST on them. I came home with more trophies too and I get to keep these! Best Junior and mummy was so proud!


"A well presented dog and a pleasing balanced picture. Masculine, well proportioned head, soft and gentle expression. Good angulation throughout. Well off for bone. Good depth of brisket. Plenty of lung room. Super bend of stifle into well let down hocks. Movement could have been better, but when he found his stride, despite the slippy floor, he moved with style and drive. RBOB"


Merseyside Gundog Club

Date: 11.11.18
Class: GS Junior
Judge: Rebecca Danks-Kemish


"17 month old male in lovely condition. Plenty of coat for his age with lovely clear tan and nice tight feet. Good broad head with correct eye shape and markings. A little erratic on the move today but can see a bright future. RBOB."


Burnley & District Canine Society

Date: 17.11.18
Class: AVNSC: Junior

This show was not very far away from home at all. But, there were soooo many dogs. Its was very loud and we had to wait for two hours. I was very bored by then and couldn't be bothered to strut my stuff! I think mummy understood...


Gundog Club of Wales

Date: 18.11.18
Class: GS Graduate
Judge: Mrs Sue Greaves

We went to a new country again today, Wales this time.

I had to go in a 'big boys' class today as there was no Junior class. 

There was just me and my friend Bayley. Was great fun and the judge was such a lovely lady saying lots of lovely things about how well I looked for such a young age!


"1 year 5 month old dog. Lots to like about this youngster. Super Gordon head, well defined stop, nose to stop, occiput to stop nicely balanced, good width of skull from ear to ear, head maturing perfectly with clear tan markings, super head profile. Correct bite, good length of muzzle and black pigment into well open nostrils. Dark eye giving a kind gentle expression. Neat muscular neck into well sloping shoulders allowing for a free forward action of movement. Level topline, good spring of rib, good width of loin, nicely muscled 1st and 2nd thigh, moderate bend of stifle, straight hocks, neat feet. Shown in good coat and condition. Displayed a happy temperament and moved with confidence round the ring. Two quality Gordon setters, it was a privilege to judge them."


Southport & Birkdale Kennel Association

Date: 24.11.18
Class: AVNSC Gundog
Judge: Ian Biggs

Mummy said she thought I was quite tired today and she was right. Plus there were so many other dogs of different breeds in my class!


Stockport Canine Society

Date: 25.11.18
Class: AVNSC Junior
Judge: Mrs Ellen Diane Loynd

My mummy and daddy couldn't believe that this show was my last in Juniors. I'm growing up apparently, whatever that is!!


"Quality Gordon Setter, who, on seeing his breeding, I was not surprised I liked him. Really maturing into a handsome boy; lovely head and expression; nothing exaggerated about him. Arched neck leading cleanly into shoulders; good rib and body; short coupled strong top-line. Angulated quarters with short hocks which helped him move sound and steady around the ring with lashing tail. Well presented and handled."


Morecambe & Heysham CA

Date: 02.12.18
Class: AVNSC Graduate
Judge: Anne Le Maitre

This was my first Open show since I moved out of Junior aged classes. The others dogs were all a few years older than me, but I still enjoyed showing my stuff.


No critique sent for this show, very disappointing.


Darwen Canine Society

Date: 09.12.18
Class: GS PG

Wow my first Gordon Setter Post Graduate class and I came first. I was strutting my stuff like a pro my mummy said and she thinks I may be growing up a bit...don't know what that means!


No critique sent for this show, very disappointing.