National Dog Show


Class: PD

Judge: Mrs Michele Day

Well, shorter trip today, down the country to Stafford. My 2 Nannies were there too.

My mummy had a sore foot, so Nanny Lesly was running with me round the ring after my mummy and I did the stand and show off bit.

The lady judge had a very bright pink, long coat on and took a loooong look at me before she came to see me and I was a bit scared of her...but don't tell anyone! So Nanny Lesly ran me first to get me a bit more relaxed, then I didn't so much mind the lady looking me over.

At the end, she gave me a lovely certificate which said 'Reserve' on it. My Nannies and mummy were pleased with this as I'd been a bit nervous. Still, I'll be fine next time mummy, I promise.