LKA General Championship Show

December 10th 2017
Mrs Sue Mitchell (Brobruick)

Wow, the world had turned white today. We left Auntie Bex's place with half an hour to drive in the snow to get to the NEC. The roads were white and slippy so everyone was driving very slowly.

Eventually, we got there safely. However, not too many other people arrived. Still, mummy groomed me and we practised our standing and showing, then into the ring we went. There was another puppy there too, although I was much more excited than him. It was great fun showing off, running and bouncing around. The judge felt me all over again, like last time, but it didn't feel quite so strange today.

This time he gave me a certificate which said second on it. After, I also got a green and white rosette saying Crufts 2018 Qualifier. It had my posh name, on it too. I had done it, second ever show and I qualified for My mummy cried, again...


"Similar age to 1st, this was the puppy's first Champ show and was sympathetically handled. Smaller in statue than the first and slightly less mature. Very appealing in head with soft dark brown eyes and cheeky expression. Balanced confirmation and good colour. Sound and true on the move."