Date: 28.07.19
Class: GS SBD/B
Judge: Mr Richard Bott

Well, it was much quicker to this show this weekend, just an hour or so.  Our ring was one of those strange shaped ones with some of it under tent canvas and some open air. I had to run from underneath to outside and back again, on grass. I did one run a one of those pacing things daddy said so they were a bit cross but hey, I still got a lovely certificate with Second on it.

Afterwards, we all went to see our adoption donkey, "Harbin," at the Leeds Donkey Sanctuary. He was lovely, very gentle and smelt great too.


"This chap has balanced angles front and rear and overall proportions. He has a good outline when standing just not quite the cleanness of the winner. He has good well boned leg and neat feet. Would have liked a better finish to his croup. Moved out well in profile."