March 6th 2020
Mrs B Scougall ( Shannas)

The week before Crufts, I had a fabulous trip down to see my Nanny R, AKA Lesly Robson, my daddy Harley's owner. She showed mummy how to make me the most handsome boy in the world. Mummy said she learned lots but all I know is that Nanny R said I was sooo handsome and sooo like my Daddy Harley!!! Mummy was very happy.

This year was another day where mummy had to work therefore could not come with us to Crufts. So, daddy drove, we picks up my fan club girls on the way and got there in plenty of time.

When we arrived, I had lots of exercise with my girls and Nanny R got me ready to show, (that's us in the photo at the top.) Then she went in first with my daddy Harley, who did brilliant and went 2nd veteran. 

When it was my turn, I went into the ring with lots of older dogs as I am now 2 and a half years old and have won more than 4 first prizes!! Get me!! So, they all looked bigger and older than me. But anyway, I loved doing my stuff, showed off, went straight, mostly, apparently and was just a good boy!! I didn't; get given a certificate or rosette, but everyone was still very pleased with me because I tried hard and am still young.

I was rather tired when I finished, so went for some playtime and mooching about with my girls. I had a great day. I was allowed to go home a little bit early as I was not feeling 100%, so had a great sleep in the car on the way home. Daddy was very pleased and so was mummy when she saw me at home. Another great day all round!