Crufts 2019

Date: 07.03.19
Class: GS YD
Judge: Mrs Yvonne Slaughter (Ordett)

So this year, mummy could not come with us. She had to do that work thing...I don't think she was so happy about it! But Auntie Wendy and Auntie Erika came with daddy and I. When we got there, there were both Nannies again with my 2 grandads too. It was fabulous. My 2 nannies got on with making me more handsome than ever, as if that's possible!!!!

Well, there were lots of dogs in our class Nanny Angie said, so she was not too sure how I would do. Also, it was the first time she was showing me. We had some practice first, with Nanny Lesly making comments too.

Then we were in. Nanny Angie was so much better than mummy at showing me. She helped me know where to go and how as well as at what speed. She even stopped me sneakily moving my back toe. She's very clever! However, it was so worth it because guess what...we got a blue 2nd certificate! How fabulous. 

Daddy sent lots of pictures to my mummy at work and apparently, guess what again...she cried at work. Think she was happy!


"Similar in type to 1, (who went RCC,) but not so mature. Nothing overdone in any way. He has a lovely kind expression with good moulding to his skull, correct stop, eye shape and colour. Enough neck with balanced body although drops off a bit over his croup. Moved steadily with good use of tail."