Coventry & District Gundog Society Open Show

'Our First official Show'
December 3rd 2017
Mr Craig Davidson

So, we travelled down to see Nanny Angie yesterday and she made me look even more handsome, she said, by snipping, trimming, shaving, cutting and washing me! What an experience! She also gave my mummy a blue slobber cloth with my name on it, as I was Mr Blue Boy! 
Then we went over to Coventry Show held at Sports Connexion. There were so many other dogs of all shapes and sizes, but best of all one of my brothers, Maico, was there. Also, both my nannies and grandads were there too. 
We went into a ring where my mummy helped me stand in the position we have been practising each week at Ringcraft classes with Auntie Christine. Then, a strange man came and felt me all over, and I mean, all over!! He had a good look at me standing and then trotting round the ring. He said I was a lovely pup. Then he gave me a black and white certificate and said I had done really well. VHC at my first ever show and the first ever showing experience for my mummy. EVERYONE was very pleased!