Eddie the Patterdale, my daddy's dog!

Bratticus Grooming

Turning your Little Gems into Supermodels

As a dog owner for many years, I have always been interested in the care of my dogs. As a child, I gained all my doggie knowledge from my wonderful daddy. He was a lover and breeder of gun dogs and terriers, along with sight hounds. He trained them and me, throughout my childhood, creating the lifelong love affair I have with canines.

My partner and I currently have 5 dogs, but over the years we have had others too. As our pack grew, and so did the grooming bills, I decided I would venture into the world of grooming. I have been learning the trade from simple hands on experience of doing my own, to self training from information I find online to watching and listening to professional also. Now, I have started to train professionally, studying for my Canine Dog Grooming diploma.

Thankfully, I have found many friends have been willing to hand their canine babies over to me to practise my skills. Acquiring the kit seems to be a never ending shopping list, with John, my fiancé, ever watching the bank balance! But hey, I am doing it and loving it.


Eddie - Wire-haired Patterdale Terrier
12 yrs 11 mnths old
Full clip and trimmings


Brenin - English Springer Spaniel
7 yrs 3 mnths
Full clip and trimming (Very fluffy boy)


All needs and temperaments catered for...