British Gordon Setter Club Champ Show 2019

Date: 05.10.19
Class: Graduate
Judge: Mrs Esther Joseph (Triseter) (Australia)

Another early start today. Breakfast and a little potter, then straight in the car. I like sleeping on the way to shows; lets me get my energy up. Plus, mummy always sleeps too, daddy says!!

When we got there, mummy had to give in my Best Junior trophy from last year. She was a bit sad, but said my name was on it forever now, so she didn't mind too much!

It was great to see my Grandad Steve and Nanny R. She was pleased to see me and of course, got out the comb and scissors to help mummy make me even more handsome. Apparently, mummy has learned lots of new grooming tricks today too.

First, we watched my daddy, Harley, win his veteran class, obviously!! Then, Nanny R had some practice runs with me. She held the lead in a different way today and it stopped me wondering around the running. It was a great help, as she made sure I was concentrating...I usually get very easily distracted apparently!!

Anyway, the judge today was from Australia and did things a bit different to other judges over here in England. There was lots of running to do, so my Nanny R did the running with me. I like running with her.

We had to run into the ring first, then do our standing, then run again, then stand and wait whilst she looked at each dog. Mummy says my legs were a bit fidgety today, but I soon did as I was told. Then we went running again and the judge moved us about in the line. She put us first, then went looking at the others. We all had to run around again, then she called us up. Guess what, I got a red rosette, red certificate and little brown envelope with pennies in it and a little bag of food! Wow, mummy was very happy and she nearly cried, again!!

Afterwards, we got lots of comment from people saying I was looking really good as they hadn't seen me since July. That made mummy and daddy very happy. Then, I had to go in a big class with all the unbeaten dogs. As Nanny R was with my Daddy Harley, her friend Niccy took me running this time. again, we had to do lots of running. I didn't get a rosette but daddy Harley got a massive one with reserve on it!!

Then, to finish off a fabulous day, we went to see Bob, who said I had won another trophy this year. It was a big silver plate. Apparently, I can have my name put on this one too for being Best Graduate Dog 2019!


Well balanced dog with correct front and rear angulation, drops a little at croup. Lovely masculine head with kind expression. Correct plains, dark eye and correct ears set; would like more bone. Correct tan markings. Good topline; the handler let the dog down on the stack. Well presented in good coat, covers the ground well, going round the ring with good reach and drive.


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My new trophy


Photos with Grandad Steve