British Gordon Setter Club

Date: 13.10.18
Class: JD/YD/ND
Judge: Carol Moore (Gadhelic)

Daddy came with us today. He drives very smoothly!

When we got there, my nannies were there too. Love seeing them as they always tell me I'm gorgeous and handsome...not that mummy doesn't too, but nannies do it so well.

Today, I had 3 classes to go into and strut my stuff. Was such great fun. I was very good and mummy and daddy were very proud as I did what I was told all the time, well in the ring at least!

In the Junior class I won a red certificate and rosette, then in the Yearling I came out with a yellow certificate and rosette one and then finally, in the Novice, I got a blue ones. They all had tartan on too because we are from Scotland us Gordon Setters!

The best thing of all was that I also received a trophy for being Top Junior Dog. M and D were really proud. I had some photos taken too as part of my prize. Becoming a model...get me!!


"Loved this boy's size and shape, correct flat bone and tight feet. Head not as balanced as I would like being a little shorter in muzzle but has a lovely kind eye and cheeky expression. Flowed through the neck and shoulders along a strong topline to a well set tail with plenty of rib underneath. Wanted to set his own pace on the move and, when he got his way, showed great reach and drive."