BGSC Champ Shows 2020 & 2021

2020 (Jean Collins-Pitman (Amscot) & 2021 (Sue Mitchell (Brobuick)

Tummel: YD, MD & ND

Rannoch: PGD & MLD

Well this was a fabulous day. We saw many friends both old and new. We had lots of fun. Two very different judges for each of the shows, as we were catching up on the show missed over lockdown.

We both were good boys, Tummel especially once he got going. There were some very good, much shown other Gordons here today so we were very pleased to come away with a rosette and certificate in each class we entered!


Tummel: YD-Reserve, MD-1st & ND-3rd

Rannoch: PGD-HC & MLD-3rd


Tummel: YD-4th, MD-2nd & ND-1st

Rannoch: PGD-4th & MLD-HC



MD: Lignum Money Talks at Bratticus. Reserve in yearling, but went better on the move in this class. Noted good depth thru skull without being too broad, and correct bone. Good depth of chest, but would prefer more angulation in rear quarter. Nice colour. 


MD: Lignum Money Talks At Bratticus. Felt his head was too broad in back skull for me. Kind eye, pleasing body and tails set. Good tan. Needs to mature on.