Blackpool 2021

August 21st 2021

Tummel GS JD

Rannoch GS GD & PGD

Mrs Stella Woodhouse 

Today daddy told me I had to be on my best behaviour  So, I tried really hard to be good and just about managed.

Tummel did OK just got his legs a bit mixed up. However, he still came second in a large Junior class.

I was in Graduate dog too start and got a red certificate, coming 1st. M and D were pleased because they said I did my "floaty" thing when moving! That's me qualified for Crufts too now, phew...imagine if just the bro had done that! After that I went in my first ever PG and came 3rd!


Tummel: Lignum Money Talks at

Bratticus. Lovely outline but not yet as developed in rear as (1). Nice

clear tan. Well proportioned head with dark eye and gentle

expression. Tended to pace at times on the move but showed good

movement when he settled.


Lignum Evolution at Bratticus.

Nice head with dark eye and pleasing expression. Good depth of

chest, well laid back in shoulders, short coupled and well balanced

rear construction. Moved with plenty of drive.