Leeds 2021

July 24th 2021
Tummel GS JD & SBD/B

Rannoch GS PG
Mrs E Ashton (Goronmawr)

So this was our first day out at a show with my brother Tummel, AKA Lignum Money Talks @ Bratticus. He was very excited! I just wanted to mess about with the friends I had not seen for over a year!

Tummel was a very good boy in the rings when he went in Daddy said; but then he said I was rather silly! Mother wasn't happy he said! 

Anyway, Tummel got a 2nd place in JD...at his first ever show, which was a Championship show!! Then, he also got a 2nd place in SBD/G. He has qualified for Crufts in his first ever class. M and D were very pleased with him.

I was in PG but was rather naughty so didn't get any certificate!


Lignum Money Talks @ Bratticus

GS JD: 2nd Parker-Smith & Tuer’s Lignum Money Talks At Bratticus. Not as showy as my winner but at 14 mths he is the correct size. Clean neck with correct shoulders who moved well.